Your Mobile Concierge

Use B-Guest to communicate with your hotel through your smartphone.

Make any request, anytime you want, without waiting and in your language.

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At the Hotel

Now you can make any order when staying at a B-Guest partner hotel .

Check-in, order room service, book a massage, book a table at the restaurant, see your current bill, check-out and much more.

You can also receive daily promotions and offers from the hotel.

Find the hotel services you can request through B-Guest

  • Check-In

    Speed up your Check-in process and avoid wasting time on queues.

  • Pre-Stay

    Before you arrive at the hotel, set your preferences like room location, room temperature, pillow type...

  • Transfer

    Do you need a transfer from the airport to the hotel? Book it through B-Guest.

  • Taxi

    Anytime you need a taxi from your hotel, just use B-Guest.

  • In Room Dining

    See all details and photos of in-room dining options. Order anywhere, in your language.

  • SPA

    Treat yourself to a massage or another SPA service? Just open B-Guest, see all options and book your session.

  • Restaurants

    Take a look at the hotel restaurants and which menu options they have. Book a table and enjoy your meal.

  • Sports

    Check which sports and health club activities you can do at your hotel and book them.

  • Laundry

    Request laundry services. B-Guest will tell you when the service is complete.

  • Amenities

    Do you need an extra towel, soap or shampoo? With a single tap, request it through B-Guest.

  • Maintenance

    Having trouble with your TV, the air-conditioning or your shower? Use B-Guest to ask for help.

  • Room Cleaning

    Require additional room cleaning? Request it through B-Guest.

  • Shopping

    See the souvenirs or local products that are for sale at your hotel.

  • Valet

    For valet parking services, enter your ticket number on B-Guest and your car will be delivered.

  • Late Check-Out

    Want to stay in your room later than the usual check-out time? Ask for a late check-out.

  • Checkout

    See your bill at anytime, check-out from anywhere and leave the hotel bypassing the front desk. Isn’t that awesome?


Don’t waste time searching the internet to look for things to do nearby your hotel.

Just open B-Guest and find out what your hotel recommends: restaurants, local attractions, monuments, museums, shopping, sports or events.

Where you can find B-Guest

Many hotels around the world use B-Guest. Here are some examples of our partners.

What people are Saying

“Great app! Love the idea of having the chance to communicate with the hotel and order its services through my iPhone, whenever I want.
Very convenient. All hotels should have B-Guest!”

Sérgio Costa

What people are Saying

“When I’m travelling it’s not easy for me to talk with the hotel people when they don’t speak proper Spanish.

With B-Guest, being able to communicate with the hotel in my own language was quite useful.”

Maria Martinez

What people are Saying

“One of the things I really hate in hotels is having to wait for everything. Now with a simple tap, I can order what I want!

Tried to book a massage and within seconds it was confirmed. I recommend B-Guest to everyone. Much easier.”

Keith Reynolds

What people are Saying

Now I don’t need to look for a phone or a hotel staff member to ask for anything.

It was a quite nice experience visiting Lisbon downtown and being able to book a table for dinner at the hotel restaurant in a blink of an eye.”

Ricardo Almeida

Download Now

Download B-Guest now, explore it and next time you’re staying at one of our partner hotels, use it and enjoy the convenience.

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